Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Chef

So, tonight I spoke on the phone for the first time with The Chef. He is a new one from my dating service. He lives in Denver, Colorado. He is 39 and single. In his picture he is kind of a cute dork. In his emails to me, his spelling and grammar are poorer than I like. He is a little technologically inept. He talks, a lot, and he interrupts. Two qualities that are a sure turn off. However, I want this boy to have a fighting chance.

I tell him that he needs to be aware that a conversation runs both ways. Two people have to talk. I tried to get off the phone a few times, but he rambled on and through my words. We were on the phone for nearly two hours. I definitely learned more about him than he learned about me. Though, He does hold a level of interest for me, but we will see for how long.

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