Monday, August 31, 2009

A long lost crush.

So, when my ex and I dated still and he lived on the other side of the country for like 10 months, I developed a controlled crush on this fellow I worked with at the gym. Let's call him Boston. He and I flirted a lot and laughed even more. One night we got a little tipsy and made out in his truck. Nothing crazy, just some over the clothes stuff. I did make him talk dirty to me and I think he was a little embarrassed about that. Also, when it didn't go any further because I had that pesky boyfriend, he way backed off. I can understand. Why chase the cow when the tit isn't lactating. Um...

Anyway, since the breakup, I have been putting in time here and there with Boston. We went out boating on his pontoon in the summer. I spent an afternoon with him and his dad on their houseboat. We hung out in a group with some mutual friends. A flirty text here. A phone call or two there and he is coming up to see me this weekend.

I am pretty excited. He has never been to Prescott, so I want to show him a good time-I mean that in every sense of the word. I am really attracted to this guy. He has put on a few beer pounds since I first met him, but he is so adorable, funny and well read. I am looking forward to our tryst. Will he sleep on the couch or in my king? I am hoping the latter. I could definitely use some real nookie.

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