Thursday, August 27, 2009

This weekend...

So, I am supposed to have a first date this weekend, and I am totally going to cancel on the guy. It isn't that I am not interested. He is a 6 foot plus mechanical engineer. In addition to being intelligent and tall, he is dark and handsome too. He does have a kid and is a few years divorced now, which could be such a deal breaker for me. Though I have to consider that men my age that are still on the market might come with some baggage. Also it is to be mentioned that I am the INDISCRIMINATE dater. Whether they come with baggage, bad teeth or bilateral curvature of the spine, I am on board.

Anyway, back to breaking the date. I am so exhausted from work this week and from my mother's week long visit that I am just not up for a drive to Phoenix nor a day and a half of putting my best face forward. Not to worry though, I have two other boys chomping at the bit to see me on Sunday. The Eye wants to drive down here from Flagstaff and Curly McGee wants to take me to some camping adventure. I don't think The Eye will get his shot, but Curly might be one I entertain. I have yet to tell you about him.

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