Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Muppet

This tale starts with a phone call to my girlfriend on my way down to meet The Muppet. About halfway between my house and the square downtown and running a little late as usual I totally forgot this guy's real name. I call my girl, let's call her T Money, and ask her to hack into my email account and search for an email from this guy. After several panicky minutes as I got closer and closer to the square, he beeped in while she and I were on the phone. I click over and he sputters, "Hey, it's (garbled and unintelligible name spoken). I am here."

I desperately wanted him to repeat his name; however, I thought that it may be suspicious. I click back over to T Money waiting for me and to my delight she has found the information I seek. She laughs wildly at me and reminds me to include her in the blog that I will write about this.

I approach a man sitting on a park bench and way over dressed for a lunch date. He stands and I am in awe. At 6'5" he towers over me. I am impressed. He is not completely unfortunate looking, though I am not digging his personal style. The shock comes when he opens his mouth. I am torn between Kermit the Frog or Fozzy Bear, but his voice definitely resembles that of a muppet. I am shocked. For the next hour as he tells me of his life, his dreams, his plans, I can't help but smile broadly at him from across the table. I am sure what he is taking as me enjoying the conversation is truly me running the script of our conversation through my mind to include in this.

After time, I get used to the sound of his squeak and begin to get into what he is saying. He is intelligent and well spoken. He has led and interesting life worth listening to. I enjoy him and invite him to a birthday barbeque later that evening. He graciously attends and is personable with all he meets. He is able to hold a conversation with those he just met even when I am not around.

He leaves in the evening as he has to drive back to Flagstaff to be at work the next day. We hug goodbye and speak of possible plans to hang out again. I don't mind this one so much. Let's see what happens.

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