Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Boston WTF

This week is my fall break from work. I have made plans to go to take a three day trip to Laughlin to hang out with some old friends there and celebrate Detroit's birthday. Thursday night last Boston gives me jingle. I miss the call, but he leaves me a message. It is all small talk and whatnot. He asks how I am, tells me he hears I am coming into town, lets me know he would like to hang out. We run in the same circle of friends up there, so I am sure I will run into him. He never mentions the fact that he and I were to go to a football game together and he totally blew me off. I find the situation interesting.

I seek the advice of Inky Pink. She tells me to play it cool. I play it like Fonzi. I wait until Sunday to call him back. I actually don't believe he is going to answer the phone because I know he is hanging out with Detroit watching football. He proves me wrong. "Hey girl," he cheerily chirps into the phone.

"Hey, [Boston]. How are you?"

"Can't complain. I hear you are coming into town. When? Tuesday? So, you are going to catch our softball game, right. And you know later that night we are going to see Zombieland. It's going to be sick."

"Yup. All of that is true." I am cool whip at this point. We talk for just a few minutes. I tell him I have to run. I don't have anything really to do, but I don't want to give this guy any more than he deserves.

Monday I am scrambling trying to finalize plans for a house sitter. I can't find anyone. I text Detroit and tell him I can't make it into town, but wish him a happy birthday nonetheless. I am riding the Facebook wave when Boston instant messages me.

I hear you are the kind of girl who would be interested in going to a U2 concert with me in Phoenix on the 20th.

I am stupefied. Who is this man? Where does he get the nerve? First he completely blows me off. Then he plays like nothing happened. Now he is asking me out on what, a date? I am tempted to reply snidely making a comment about how I would love to go, but is he sure he is going to show up. Instead, I figure I have the upper hand anyway so I should just go with it.

You heard right. I am absolutely that girl.

He replies, Great. It is a date.

I was right. He is asking me out. We message a little longer and make plans to meet at the gate and to spend the night in Phoenix. He tells me he will take care of everything. I tell him to make sure to get a room with two beds. I may be going on eight months with no sex and pretty hard up at this point, but I am not even about to make it that easy for him. I don't really know what angle he is playing, but I am not going to let my guard down. I crushed on this guy and he threw me away. Now the tables have turned seemingly. I still stand by my philosophy though. The shittier you treat a guy, the better he treats you.

So, Tuesday night I will be in Phoenix listening to the Black Eyed Peas open up for U2. I got that boom boom pow.

Wiping them off the bottom of my shoe,

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