Thursday, October 1, 2009

Curly is Crazy

On Friday last, I went out with some friends and had a blast. We bar hopped here and there, listened to live music, I made dirty phone calls to a man in dreads, and I ended the night at the bar in which Curly works. Now mind you I haven't really seen or spoken to Curly since he followed my girlfriends and I to the bar on our ladies' night. As his bar was the last we went to, we closed it out laughing as we went out the door. I gave Curly a quick smack on the lips and said goodbye.

Today is Thursday, I haven't given that mop headed mess a second thought since that night, and this is where the story gets interesting.

I am sitting in class today working on some grades as the kids are working on the computers and my phone goes off with a text message. What ensues from that moment can only be described as the mad ramblings of a deranged man as he slowly becomes unhinged over what I can only guess is the realization that we are never going to be.

Curly: Well, I don't seem to find myself available on Fridays for a quick lunch, but can we catch a happy hour.

I.D.: I am heading to Phoenix tomorrow for a tattoo.

Curly: Some other time though? Your recent RARE public display of affection makes me want to chase a little. I can just be your pal though.

I.D.: Oh, I was tipsy and it was just a peck

Curly: So tell me to keep chasing or go away. I thought we clicked. I can't read you.

(Several minutes goes by between that text message and the next one as I am teaching my class and don't have all the time in the world to entertain the needy.)

Curly: it

(I am irritated by this. I don't like text message sarcasm and I cannot stand impatience; however, his behavior makes my little bull of tetchiness rear her ugly head.)

I.D.: I am teaching. I am sorry if I cannot respond immediately. I do work during the day if you recall.

Curly: Then don't respond.

I.D.: Well, you need not get so upset when I don't. I'll eventually get to things. So, in response to your last message, we did click and have fun. It's just that I am only looking for fun. That's really it. Not sex fun, just fun fun. I don't want anything too serious. I felt a little frightened away by you, I guess. I liked you. You were cool, but I am still dealing with me right now. I will not put up with this behavior from you. Thanks for the laughs. I am sure that I will see you around.

Curly: Oh, please, like I have any of that horse shit to offer. Goodbye.

I.D.: Bye.

Curly: Thanks for reminding me why I don't go out.

I.D.: Now, don't be cruel. We said our goodbyes. Go out with grace.

Curly: Grow up!

(I did not respond at this point. I had said all I wanted and needed to. However, several seconds later, my phone goes off again.)

Curly: I guess you are in high school.

That was the last of it, I hope. I have to admit, I am a little unnerved by the 180 this guy pulled during the message exchange. Of course almost immediately I called my girl Inky Pink from across the hall over to tell her about everything. I swear, how my students ever learn anything is beyond me.

Breaking hearts and making monsters,

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