Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pelo Largo

There is this fine, tall drink of water that I have had my eye on for sometime. A few weeks ago we spent some time hanging out and talking after a chance meeting at a local coffee / wine cafe. I ended up kissing him. Just a little no tongue peck. Well, two little pecks.

I have seen him here and there since then. I tried to play it cool; though, it has been a bit awkward. I have always been the aggressor in our "relationship". It really isn't any kind of relationship at all. It is me flirting and mostly admiring him from afar. Occassionally I get the cojones to say something stupid. Honestly at the moment it seems like such a good idea. Tonight I saw him on FB and the idiocy ensues.


you know i am here at home feeling pretty sick. i think i need an injection ;P

8:24pmPelo Largo

poor thing!


i am a poor pitiful thing right now. i have been quarantined to my house. no fun for [I.D.] who loves to socialize.

8:34pmPelo Largo

its fun to have fun but you've got to know how!


I know some good games we could play, I know some new tricks, A lot of good tricks. I will show them to you

8:53pmPelo Largo

can we put it on youtube?


i don't think we need to be all that public but our own video isn't out of the question.

8:55pmPelo Largo

i dunnoi...might end up on a vh1 special some day!


or at the very least an e. true hollywood story.

Inky Pink tells me I need to stop doing things that are going to make it more uncomfortable between us. She is right; I know she is. However, gosh, I just can't help myself. I don't see this guy as someone to date just more of a conquest that I must have.

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  1. wow. i'm assuming that i know who this is and all i can say is wow. a long time coming. go for it...but just have fun and DON'T get attached to this one. he's not a keeper.