Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Cat Is out of the Bag

Last night I went to the HOTW show in Flagstaff. I had two tall drinks of water to gawk at.

The first makes me bite a lip just a little. He is this younger boy that I like to admire from afar, like an impressionist painting. He is a friend of a friend. I don't really have a type. After all, I date indiscriminately; however, if I did, his is it-sort of. He is tall and lean, a little baby faced, seems intelligent from what I know, and has facial hair. I am really a sucker for the goatee, but a man in his Grizzly Adams makes me a little weak in the knees. Ex couldn't grow a full beard. I think that emasculates him just a bit. Anyway, dude is cute, but I don't really know much about him and didn't really make any effort to learn anything last night. My attention was elsewhere.

My other piece of eye candy I had a chance to admire a little closer up. I knew he was to be at the show. That was no surprise. I was sure to let him know I was going as well. I had heard through the cellphone grapevine that he was looking for me. I found this funny because I had a pretty good idea where he was most of the night. Stalking my prey with my eyes as he slipped through the crowd, I waited to make my "move," as if I even have any. I have to seek the advice of my friends and "how to" books just to get my foot in the door. Moreover, as I have proved from past experiences, I can and have thrown my foot down my throat.

We talked for a trice about life, blah and blah. Then he drops a bombshell on me, "So, [I.D.], I hear you have written about me in your blog."

My jaw hit the floor, but a sly smile swept my face, "I am not saying that I haven't."

He asked for a few details. I gave him less than that. I tried to play it off, I am sure not very convincingly. I was a little embarrassed, but I found this disclosure a little less horrifying than the last time someone found out. However, now the nagging question has become How did he find out?

I have some ideas. Regardless of the who, where and when, I understand that all of these thoughts of mine, no matter how I try to hide my identity or how I avoid the naming of the Datees directly, are public. I have shared this blog with others and invited many to flick through my pages. People can and will read, comment and discuss this as they wish. However, I must admit, it makes the drama much more interesting when it's all kept between us friends.

Thankfully, the conversation turned to another topic. Then, I may have seen a telling look in his eye. Perhaps, he lingered close to my ear a little too long as he told me a secret. Maybe he said nothing much at all of interest to me and snubbed me because of his disappointment in my behavior. However the evening turned out from there on is something kept between him and me. I possibly couldn't share much more than this knowing there is a spy in the house of love.

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  1. No fair! You can't punish us because of one rat! You reel us in, give us a taste of your dating life, throw around promises of celibacy, hit on younger guys, have a weird wii date with an ex look-alike...and now your closing the curtain?!?! NOOOOOO!!!!! Off with her head (the rat's head, not yours).