Sunday, November 29, 2009

Celibacy update.

I think the celibacy thing is working for me. I was around Boston this weekend and I was pretty calm and collected. I wasn't my usual jumpy self. I looked him in the eye when we were talking. I actually felt like I was in control. Normally around him I am a bit nervous and stupid. It was a very interesting turn of events. I was able to ascertain that Boston is a tough cookie to crack and I am not about to try and rush cracking it. Things will happen as they do and that is how I am going to let them.

It has been difficult to maintain a celibate status though. My abstinence extends into I.D. private time too. Thursday, while getting ready to head down to the BHC I felt a little frisky an perhaps began to wash myself a little more sensually than usual. I took a step back and took a deep breath. It is difficult to be so chaste, but I am enjoying the payoff so far. It may sound cruel but avoiding sex and all things sex has been such a positive I feel it allows me to be more objective in a situation. AND it really does keep me so clear headed. It also makes me horny as all heck. It is like I am on a constant roll. I love the way everything feels, and smells and looks. I imagine someday when I finally do lay down with a man I may break both of us.


  1. I'm gonna call you George Constanza. He went sexless, too, and became the most brilliant man around!

  2. As long as celibacy doesn't affect the sammich making abilities... (-;

    P.S. Oooh, almost forgot to switch this to Anon before posting