Sunday, November 8, 2009

Curly ...

Oh My! I almost forgot to tell you. So the other day I got a text message from Curly. Actually, let me back up for a moment. Please, if you need a reference, check out this post:

Curly is Crazy

The next day after that Curly sent me a message that sort of apologized. Citing as a reason for his behavior his pining for me and his disappointment in his unrequited love. I just got a message from him on November 5. It read:

Hello [I.D.]. I've been a JERK-FACE to a couple more than you lately and I was going down this here and just wanta day sorry to a few folks out there! thank reply necessary.

Great that he apologized; however, could it be any less personal or truly heartfelt? It almost seems like a form letter. I don't feel any warmer toward this person than I did weeks ago. I still think he is a loon.

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