Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Hiker

I had a hiking date this morning. I met The Hiker at 7:30 AM at the Heritage Park Zoo and our trek began there. We both brought our doggies and they got along so well with each other. The Hiker and I got along with each other just fine as well. He was so cute and brought a thermos of coffee. We stopped at the top of a rock scramble and enjoyed some joe. We got breakfast burritos when the hike was over and ate them on the square while we had some more conversation. Nonetheless, I see this as a friendship and nothing really more. He has many good qualities: intelligence, outdoor knowledge, humor, conversation. He is educated and becoming more so. He is a member of the forest fire squad. However, there are some negative qualities too. He definitely is a little dirty, there was definitely a noticeable musty smell. I know we are going hiking, but we haven't been camping. I feel clothes need to be washed. He is a little too sweet maybe. I am definitely not physically attracted to him. He is cute but in a little boy sort of way, not in a way that turns me on.

I definitely wouldn't mind hanging out with him again, mostly because I don't have many outdoor adventure friends. I just feel confident that he is in the amigo category.

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