Tuesday, December 15, 2009

drunk and damaged

i ran into a newer friend while i was out doing some grocery shopping. she told me she had someone she wanted to introduce to me. always the optimist, i was intrigued. she told me he is 34, tall, hispanic and works at the VA. Of course i agreed.

last night we planned to meet. my grocery girl set it up. i was under the impression it was going to be a foursome date. grocery girl and her girlfriend with the new guy and me. this was not the case. i walk into tailgaters in pv and there are TWO tables filled with people ready for monday night football. cardinals got spanked by the way.

i was offered a seat right next to this lanky hispanic. he was dressed well and was relatively handsome. he spoke very little, at first. soon he began to drink beer like there was $100 bills at the bottom of the glass. i guess this was because he was just really nervous. soon he became visibly and audibly drunk. he loosened up much and was talking an awful lot. at halftime i decided that it was time for me to go home. apparently so did his mom. yes, his mother was there. on a first blind date, i met his mother, his sister and his mother's boyfriend. i overheard grocery girl's girlfriend say to him that his mother didn't want him to drive because of his head injoury. what? head injury? did i hear that correctly. i wasn't about to ask at that moment. i thought leaving was the better move.

i said my goodbyes and i was out the door. however, i must ask, what must my friends think of me if they are willing to set me up with those who have brain damage. i guess i am the indiscriminate dater after all. I have to admit, i am so curious. was he kicked in the head by a horse? i have a friend who is a school psychologist. when she was in high school she was in a pretty serious accident and suffered some brain trauma. she is a little wild and as crazy as any i guess, but doesn't seem to have any aftershocks. Maybe head injury boy leads a normal life. maybe mom packs his lunch for him everyday. there is only one way to find out.


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