Monday, December 28, 2009

keeping him at arm's length

last night nature boy came over to hang out. we played wii, ate homemade thin crust za, smoked hand-rolled cigarettes, and listened to music. as the evening wore on and we became a little heavy eyed, he snuggled up next to me in the overstuffed chair. he is always quite the snuggle bug. he cuddles A LOT. he also makes little noises of satisfaction. this i find a little annoying. actually there is something i noted last night. when we make out, the feeling of his kisses and his touch are appealing. it is the sight and sound senses of him that i don't find attractive. oh his voice is fine, it is just those noises. and he has these extraordinarily dark circles not just under his eyes, but around them. it is a bit disturbing to me. i must find something to help him with that. (you must think i am simply terrible.)

furthermore, he is a big complimenter. he tells me sweet things. this i don't mind so much. flattery will get you nowhere with me, but i sure like to hear it. he tells me i am pretty and that i have a strong body. my favorite is when he calls me "banging hot." however, it makes me worry about how he feels for me. i told him in the beginning i wanted no expectations. i just like hanging out with him. we have many similar interests. he is intelligent and we have some good conversations. he is a pretty rad cat in many ways, but i don't really feel that "thing" for him.

as he lay in my arms nearly squeezing the life out of me, he murmurs from the warmth and comfort of my bosom, "you're so pretty, [i.d.]."

considering these words, i say in return, "don't like me too much. i'll break your heart."

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