Thursday, December 17, 2009


it is finals week at school. today and tomorrow the school day is only 3 hours long. i have the next two weeks off. woohoo. after work today, i met up with nature boy and his wonder pup. we went bouldering up at groom creek. i had a blast scrambling around rocks. i am a novice when it comes to climbing. he, of course, is pretty good at it. he is nature boy after all. we met up with another one of his friends from prescott college, scooter. scoots brought his dog. my pup was running in a pack it was a pretty cool sight to see. she was so happy. i caught her frolicking once or twice. back to the date. he helped me with my climb. he was patient and a good teacher. he took time to explain to me where to put my feet and how to push. how nice he was. he commented to me that he was like his father, "swarthy and obnoxious." i laughed loud at that and noted it; i wanted to quote him accurately.

the scenery was amazing. of course i forgot my camera. there were many great pic opportunities. we were bouldering around for a couple hours when we began to lose light. heading back to the car, we talked the whole way. we chatted about whatever people learning about each other chat about. i wasn't planning on spending the rest of the evening with him, but i was having such a good time that i invited him over for pizza and wii.

he helped me make a pizza from scratch (my favorite kind) we had a blast and laughed and ate good food. he actually helped me clean up just a bit before we ate. we played wii and i so kicked his ass. it is my game after all. i would hope i would be better at it. he left and i gave him a hug. i held him close maybe just a moment longer than the last time. it felt nice. i let go and just as i did i felt him hold me a little more. i wasn't about to go back in, i had already begun the retreat. i felt a warmth, a spark i hadn't felt before. after he left, i found myself smiling and sitting among my plants thinking of him-in non naughty ways and maybe one or two saucy thoughts. what does all this mean? it is nice to feel a connection with someone, even if it is small. it is nice to feel something for someone, even if the exact feeling is unclear. i am looking forward to finding out where this leads. in the meantime, i have a date on sunday with environmental activist, another outdoor adventure. my favorite kind.

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