Thursday, December 24, 2009

second time is the charm.

so last night i hit up nature boy for a booty call. i figure now that i am not restrained by the chains of refrain i should go hog wild. i know that the first time left some to be desired, but the pull of desire for flesh allowed me to see my way past all that. the second time was much better. i can't say earth shattering, but definitely a lot of fun. i laughed a lot and had a blast. but i have learned something about this boy that i simply must share.

there is something about the intimacy of pillow talk that allows people to open up. nature boy decided to share his "penis" story with me. this is great. ok, so it must be said that he is sort of a marathon lover. i can't take it really. it has been too long for me. i need to work up to his level of stamina. i just attributed it to him being young. after last night, i know otherwise.

when he was about 21 he sought treatment for bouts of depression and anxiety. he was put on medication. the medication caused him to have a "raging boner" (his words) that lasted for most of the time he was awake and even asleep for DAYS on end. he tried to relieve the condition through masturbation and marathon sex sessions, but to no avail it would not go away. on day FOUR he made an appointment with his doctor. his doctor was pissed. he told him that one should seek medical attention if the erection lasts more than four hours. "you probably suffered some nerve damage," the doctor explained. he did. his phallus is slightly desensitized. this fact makes me a little sad. everyone should feel sex at its fullest potential. however, on a more upside, i to satisfy. perhaps a partner that can go the distance just may be able to help me find my stride.

heres to the throws of passion that have crept back into my bed. i knew i wouldn't hold out long.

practicing safe sex,

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  1. Interesting because usually depression medication lessens the libido. Congrats. You deserve a marathon man. :)