Tuesday, December 1, 2009

You are cordially invited...

hello You. i imagine You check my blog many times throughout the day hoping to see that i have posted some new message to You. You are in luck tonight.

i have perused my sites trying to make some matches with what little i know about You. You out there. who are You? are You really some boy with a predilection for jumbling letters or is this cousin Jethro in CA playing yet another dirty trick? it doesn't matter, i will find out eventually, and i am sure we will both have some fun along the way.

i have thought about how i want to ask You for clues, and i have come to the conclusion that i don't want to ask for them. i want You to leave tiny breadcrumbs for me. Ooh, riddles would be fun. inch by inch i want to tread along the path that leads me to your identity. So quickly You figured out who I am out there, outside these blogging walls. Yet, You really don't know who I am yet. Let's drag this on a bit for the sake of the blog, for the sake of fun, for the sake of top secret information.

Répondez s'il Vous plaît,


  1. I saw your request
    And you are right
    Many times a day
    I check your site
    To see if you've stumbled
    Just a bit closer
    I'm not another "Jethro"
    I'm not a poser
    A real person sits here
    Of that I know
    And I won't lie to you
    Can't call me Pinocchio
    This rhyme is rambling
    Let us continue
    My breadcrumbs start now
    To give you a clue
    Mark your CALENDAR
    For my name can be part
    Not much of a hint
    But it's a start
    You could also just CHANT like a monk
    (That clue might have stunk)
    Keep in mind the DYSLEXIA
    It will be your panacea
    Together these clues
    Could connect me to you
    I'll think up more rhymes
    For these are fun times
    I hope that you
    Enjoy them too
    I'll check here constantly
    To see if you are on to me
    My face is not smooth
    To tell you the truth
    It has some coarseness
    My rhyming needs practice
    I'm sure that you
    Can make the MATCH
    Even though
    It's quite a large batch
    Good luck on your hunt
    Oh, and I'm not a runt
    I'm looking forward
    To when I am caught
    Not too quickly I pray
    For I'd still like to play
    I've lived longer than you
    But by how much just a clue
    If you know good Cuervo
    Then here's to you


  2. it's your friend drexler. that's my guess. drexler is too close to dyslexia.

  3. It's been a whole day
    Hope I didn't scare you away
    This rhyming is pathetic
    It could be making you sick
    This Drexler is not me
    I'm someone you've yet to see
    I promise it's the truth
    You could confirm on DailyBooth
    My name is quite misleading
    It's the descriptions you should be reading
    Once my "name" do you discover
    Then Google will help you uncover
    All sorts of other things
    Or you might could use Bing
    But oh that would end in failure
    For Bing corrects the error
    The name I have is a nick
    That I've had for quite a bit
    Though just recently begun
    To use it, (more for fun)
    It's unique enough that it's rare
    That I can just leave it bare
    And not add random digits
    (Or some other form of widgets)
    Shorten it and resort
    The letters then in court
    My name would be legit
    And in person I use it
    But on the web I am this other
    My old nick was such a bother
    But often still it's used
    Though my new is less confused
    With others around the web
    Now your interest will surely ebb
    Should I continue with this rhyme
    I'll end it now but over time
    Will I look for your next reply
    Until then I'll say goodbye


  4. there are so many from which to choose
    with great qualities. it will be hard to lose.
    yet still i don't know yet who You are.
    are you near or live quite far?
    from east or west do you hail?
    or maybe north, closer to vale?
    the game of names isn't working for me.
    tell me more about you physically.


  5. Ah, more clues do you seek?
    So what more can I leak?
    I'm quite close to you
    Tho my town name consists of two
    That should limit your field
    And fewer choices will it yield
    The pictures are just a few
    I should put more up for you
    But that might give it away
    So with just those will I stay
    In one picture is someone familiar
    With kids he's a popular figure
    My hair is pretty short
    And not a single wart
    Glasses I wear in some
    OK, truth be told, it's just one
    Tho that pic is missing on Yahoo
    You can still see the other two
    On Match is where my clues
    Should mostly just be used
    My looks don't bring stares
    To models I can't compare
    Though I guess I can't complain
    I don't think they bring pain
    Is this yet enough knowledge
    Or should I continue with this wordage?
    Not sure what clues you solved
    While around my name I revolved
    You'll have to give me a clue
    And I can clear them up for you
    A paying member no longer am I
    Just an average guy
    So a wink or flirt from me
    Is all you will ever see


  6. a wife you had? or maybe two?
    if this is so, it is a strike against you.
    i'm waiting 'til i hear your reply.
    I have to be honest i hope you are not that guy.
    i have a hang up about exes and kids
    i don't know how indiscriminate that is.
    about these things, doc says i should stay open,
    but i have to admit it isn't exactly for what i was hopin'.


  7. While reading your blog
    I got the feeling
    That ex's and kids
    Would send you reeling

    Not that I would change it
    For it's all been quite fun
    Though I do have some hope
    That it doesn't make you run

    I understand having to deal
    With other peoples pasts
    Can be quite an issue
    It's rarely a blast

    But to rule out a person
    Because there is more
    Eliminates quite a few
    Suitors from your door

    The ex's are all distant
    Of that you knew
    My youngest is nine
    On that you can chew

    And decide for yourself
    If it's a deal breaker or not
    I understand either way
    But I can't change my lot

    So now back in your court
    This ball I have tossed
    The facts are laid out
    With none of them glossed

    With a smile on my face
    Your answer won't offend
    I'll wait for your answer
    After I hit send


  8. 24 hours, now have passed
    no more posts, mine was the last
    I see you had, a relaxing night
    glad to hear, since it's your right
    not sure if you, have decided against
    can't really blame, baggage brings angst
    if you should decide, to chat some more
    just let me know, I won't be sore
    if you think, it's for the best
    we end it here, or if it's a test
    to see what I do, if you don't reply
    I won't get angry, (I'm not that guy)
    I wish you the best, whatever you choose
    can't help but feel, I didn't lose
    had some fun, through it all
    gotta admit, it was a ball
    so unless I see, another post
    I'll figure we're done, that's it, we're toast
    good luck to you, on your quest
    to find your match, I wish you the best
    some guy will be lucky, someday to find
    a person so playful, funny, and kind
    I know I don't know, much about you
    but I feel these things, at least, are true
    I'll go for now, but check the site
    and read your posts, see what you write
    for your adventures are fun, to read with glee
    and be happy that you, aren't writing about me
    for you can sometimes, be brutally honest
    while you search out your, tree in the forest
    I'll ramble all day, if I don't stop here
    so I'll go now, and let you steer