Friday, May 21, 2010

Late night 4X4 drive

Let me tell you. There are still some smooth cats out there who know how to impress a chica on a first date.

Last night, I had a dinner date with someone who has been sniffing around and showing some interest of the past few weeks or so. He cooked for me at his place.

He is an outdoorsy kind of guy, but not redneck. He doesn't own a television-hasn't for a long time. I like someone that is comfortable disconnecting from the mainstream. He has a son. I am learning that someone having kids doesn't bother me as much as it once did. His boy is eleven and actually looks like a pretty rad kid from all the pictures he has around. That was another thing. There were pictures of his family everywhere. It gave such a nice warm feeling to his house.

I arrive to a cute little cabin in the woods. The place was impeccable. Nothing was out of place. The bathrooms were spotless. The back deck looked out over the Prescott National Forest. With a cold Negro Modelo waiting for me, he asked me questions and told me about himself as he cooked steaks, potatoes and that salad i like so much with basil, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. Dinner was simple but delicious.

He suggests a late night drive to a waterfall. How could a girl resist. We went crazy trekking up and down hills and over insane ravines and gullies that would have destroyed my little roller skate. His old Jeep made it just fine. Being a mechanic-a jack of all trades it seems really-he restored the vehicle himself. I find a man that knows his way around a car is pretty sexy. I laughed and enjoyed the entire ride. It was far better than a roller coaster. Finally we arrived at the end of the bumpy road, but we still had a bit more to go to get to the waterfall.

We hiked in a bit. Note to those out there: tipsy, late night hiking is dangerously fun. We finally arrived to this amazing spot where a gorgeous waterfall pounded the rocks and water. A swimming hole begged me to jump in, but the coolness of the evening and the water told me it was better not to. We sat in silence for long time, lying on our backs just watching the sky and listening to the water and the frogs as they sung to each other.

It was smooth. It was the best date I have been on in a long time. After a long while, a shared hand rolled cigarette and another Negro Modelo each, we headed back to the Jeep. When we got back to his house, dessert was ready-cooked pears in a ginger sugar glaze. Oh my. So good. This man has charm.

Handsome, simple, honest. These are my first impressions. When i was leaving he wrapped his arm around me and gave me a sweet and gentlemanly kiss on my lips. Perfect.

As first dates go, I give this one an 8.75.

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